I’ve just completed the significant portion of Search Engine Optimization for Apex Fishing Charters. The original site was severely crippled in its ability to provide decent visibility to search engines. The initial results of the improvements to the site have dramatically improved the site’s ranking.

Captain Ian McGowan approached me to help get his charter fishing site more visible in search results. After doing some research on the original site, how it was appearing in search results (12th page of Google for primary key words), analyzing the site navigation, content, use of keywords within links, and the overall structure of the site, it was apparent the site needed a major overhaul.

Here’s just a few improvements I made…

  • Changed the site title to more accurately reflect site purpose, company and location.
  • Changed almost all of the site navigation menu content from generic navigation titles to specific titles.
  • Increased the number of navigation pages for specific content.
  • Improved description meta tag with greater number of keywords specific to content.
  • Changed the URL structure of entire site from pHp auto-generated URLs to an index friendly keyword driven structure.
  • Generated an XML sitemap at the root to assist in indexing.
  • Added and linked more social media content.

These were the major improvements to the site.  Within a couple of weeks, Apex Fishing Charters site ranking for some of our major searches have moved the site up to the first, second and third pages.  For now, it seems the goal is being reached.

Although the changes to this site were extensive, there is still more to do.

If you are interested in a great deep sea fishing trip in South Louisiana, Ian is the man for you.  You can check out the site here.